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    A simple Ikebana inspired recipe as well as some of my tablescape tips for you to try at home all based on recipes from my book Flowers by Design below!

    tablesetting tips with pink candles in brass candlesticks, white pumpkins, ceramic plates, and organic floral arrangements


    Tablescape Tips 

    1. Make arrangements in different sizes and thrive for varying heights. With an asymmetrical design the eye moves around the table and creates more visual interest. 

    2. Incorporate budvases between other objects such as candlesticks, fruits and vegetables in colors that match the flowers. Here we used, artichokes, figs, pears, white and variegated pumpkins and some chanterelles from the farmers market. 

    3. Add a little something on top of your napkin or plate such as a little sprig of astrantia, tweedia or a berry branch cut-offs (please note: ilex is not edible) or a beautiful fruit such as a fig. 

    4. You can also lay cut-offs from branches directly on the table such asin the upper left hand corner in the third picture above. 

    5. Use a combination of vases with different finishes and styles such as glass, brass, vintage and modern for an eclectic look. Brass and gold finishes add warmth and glass adds sparkle.

    6. I prefer stemless glasses as they don’t block the flowers! 

    7. I encourage going outside to forage a few additional branches of foliage to add in to your arrangements but be sure to not use invasive species. If you are unsure of what is invasive I recommend the Picture This app. 

     tablescape tips with ikebana inspired florals , white pumpkins, ceramic plates, and organic floral arrangements

    tablescape tips with ikebana inspired florals , ilex berry branches, figs, ceramic plates, and organic floral arrangements


    Thrilled to announce this rare opportunity to join a 3-day intensive, creative workshop exploring sustainability with some of the biggest leaders in sustainable floristry today.
    Designed to cultivate conscious creativity; this annual workshop, will examine environmentally and socially aware practices; explore new techniques and design principles; and foster relationships between growers, designers + flower sellers.
    The Sustainable Flowers Project, brought together by Becky Feasby & TJ McGrath, is the perfect place for flower lovers to come together and celebrate our craft. 
    A lineup of noted instructors, speakers + mentors that can help florists, flower farmers, flower growers + flower lovers achieve business and creative practices rooted in environmental, social + economic sustainability.
    More than that though, the workshop will provide a warm and meaningful place for people to come together and celebrate all that is possible with sustainable floristry.

    Jardin de Buis

    Photo: Christian Garibaldi
    Jardin de Buis, New Jersey
    September 18-20, 2022
    During our time together, we will be creating pure magic with locally sourced, seasonal blooms. We will discuss the importance of soil health, regenerative growing practices, sustainable design mechanics, seasonal flowers, social + environmental justice issues in the flower industry, and the healing power of flowers.

    Ingrid Carozzi, Tin Can Studios, Brooklyn, @tincanstudios
    Ingrid is considered one of the leading designers in the sustainable floral design movement. A graphic designer turned passionate florist, she was named "Best Florist" in New York Magazine in 2015 - the same year as founding Tin Can Studios. She is the author of three floral design books: ‘Flowers by Design’, ‘Handpicked’ (Abrams), and ‘Brooklyn Flowers’ (Massolit). Ingrid attracts students from all over the world to workshops and master classes in sustainable floral design, as she has a true passion for sharing and teaching others in the industry.
    Ingrid Carozzi sustainable large scale install workshop Tin Can Studios

    Shane Connolly

    Shane Connolly, Shane Connolly & Co., UK, @shaneconnolly
    Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Shane read Psychology at university but a lifelong passion for plants and gardening eventually led to a complete career change. Subsequently, he has built an enviable reputation as a floral designer with a small, dedicated and talented team of florists, artists, and craftsmen working from offices and a large light-filled studio in North Kensington. Nature both inspires his work and guides how he executes it and he works with a deep conviction that floristry should work in harmony with the planet. Shane is one of the founding global ambassadors for the Sustainable Floristry Network.

    Amber Tamm

    Amber Tamm, Brooklyn, @ambertamm
    Amber is a farmer, horticulturist, and floral designer who works in cannabis, farm education, permaculture, agroforestry and urban farming. The social justice advocate grew up in Brooklyn and craved more nature. Now she is fighting to establish a farm in Central Park as a way of promoting New York City's food sovereignty while creating a reminder of the history of Seneca Village and bringing diversity to Central Park. She leads the food justice division of Dan Barber's Kitchen Farming Project, where she grows food for Black and Brown chefs who then prepare food for low-income communities in New York City. More about Amber.
    Jardin de Buis
    The workshop is set within the stunning grounds of 'jardin de buis' where nature is encouraged to live her best life.
    Comprised of exquisite formal gardens, extensive grounds, and stunning structures decorated with one of a kind European antiques, the environment at jardin is approached as a complete living system and managed in a way that respects its intimate ties with the natural world.
    Andrea Fillippone and Eric Fleisher will be your teaching sustainable and regenerative soil practices.

    Becky Feasby and TJ McGrath
    Your workshop hosts + leaders are Becky Feasby and TJ McGrath. Becky is a passionate and outspoken proponent of sustainability in the floral industry. She has spent almost 25 years working as a landscape designer, ornamental horticulturist, horticultural therapist, florist, and flower grower. She is currently completing her Master's degree in Sustainability at Harvard University and is the Canadian Ambassador for the Sustainable Floristry Network and the Canadian representative for Slow Flowers.
    TJ is a soulful and intuitive designer who is passionate about increasing the sustainability of the floral industry. TJ has flowered weddings and events for some notable clients and is an outspoken advocate for sustainable mechanics through is notable social media platform. Creating beautiful, seasonally-inspired arrangements with sustainability in mind, TJ is also a kind and patient teacher, who loves to share his passions with his students.
    Becky Feasby, @prairiegirlflowers
    TJ McGrath, @tjmcgrathdesign


    noon - welcome lunch* 
    1.  sustainability in the floral industry, with Becky Feasby 
    2. regenerative design and soil principles, with Eric Fleisher 
    3. guided tour of jardin de buis, with Andrea and Eric 
    4. panel discussion with all of our instructors

    8:30am - light breakfast + coffee/tea*  
    morning:  designing alongside the seasons, with Shane Connolly
    noon:  lunch*  
    afternoon:  sustainable, large-scale installations, with Ingrid Carozzi
    evening:  catered dinner* (amongst our beautiful hands-on creations)

    9:30am - light breakfast + coffee/tea*  
    morning: creatively re-thinking your designs, with TJ McGrath (hands-on)  
    noon:  lunch*  
    afternoon:  understanding social + environmental justice and the power of flowers, with Amber Tamm
    4:30pm:  farewell
    *included with tuition
    $2800 USD
    Price includes: 
    all florals + supplies
    3 days of lectures, sessions + hands-on instruction with our 7 instructors/mentors
    meals (as indicated with *)
    workshop booklet
    Price does not include transportation or accommodation.

    Jardin de Buis
    The workshop is set within the stunning grounds of 'jardin de buis' where nature is encouraged to live her best life. 
    Comprised of exquisite formal gardens, extensive grounds, and stunning structures decorated with one of a kind European antiques, the environment at jardin is approached as a complete living system and managed in a way that respects its intimate ties with the natural world. 
    With Andrea Fillippone and Eric Fleisheexplore sustainable and regenerative soil practices as it pertains to flower farming and the many public space and campuses they have worked on throughout the United States.
    F2Environmental Design @Jardin de Buis

    Jardin de Buis fountain Andrea Fillippone and Eric Fleisher Jardin de Buis




    What a wonderful article on Veranda! We have always loved Chrysanthemums (when used the right way + make sure to choose varieties wisely) and we have certainly seen them used in arrangements and installations much more frequently in the last few years!
    Not going to lie, the headline "Brooklyn's Coolest Florist" felt pretty nice too!
    Below are a few pictures of the arrangements featured in the Veranda article (click here to read the entire article). In addition, you will find several flower "recipes" using chrysanthemums in my new book "Flowers by Design" (Abrams Books).
    Also, the nations leading "farmer-florist", Erin Benzakein at Floret offers a lovely guide to a collection of 50 mums here. I highly recommend getting this free printable guide for some really special ones. These are not your standard mums! E.g. have you ever heard of or seen the varieties ‘Fleur de Lis’, 'Mocha', or ‘River City’? If the answer is no your eyes are in for a treat!
    veranda magazine article 'brooklyn's coolest florist' says chrysanthemums are backPhoto: Dana Gallagher
    Floral arrangement in the Pseudo Tobacco Leaf Lotus Vase for DeGournay Photo: Ingrid Carozzi / Tin Can Studios
    floret flowers 'river city' chrysanthemum
    Photo: Floret Flowers
    Floret Flowers chrysanthemums Photo: Floret Flowers

    What a lovely chat I had with Michael Boodro and ceramicist Frances Palmer on The Chairish Podcast last week!
    Here the description for this fun episode named "What's Blooming in the World of Floral Design":
    "Flowers and foliage are a classic way to enhance any room, the finishing touch every designer relies on. But flowers are just as susceptible to fashion and trends as any other element of décor. Just in time for Spring, sought-after florist Ingrid Carozzi, founder of Tin Can Studios, and Frances Palmer, renowned ceramicist, gardener, and Instagram star, talk about their passion for flowers; what’s trending in floral arrangements; the essential tools, vases, and vessels everyone should own; how sustainable practices are changing the floral industry; and why ikebana is becoming such a potent inspiration."

    Minimalist Ikebana inspired arrangement from my book "Flowers by Design" Photo: Dane Tashima
    The Chairish Podcast looks behind the glamour of the interior design industry at a time when all aspects of the business, from sourcing to marketing to client communication to underlying business models are undergoing rapid disruption. Drawing on experience and insights from today’s top practitioners, including leading designers, architects and manufacturers, this podcast is an essential tool for interior design professionals. 
    Hosted by beloved design industry insider Michael Boodro, previously Editor-in-Chief at Martha Stewart Living and then Elle Decor, all of the conversations on his show are insightful and interesting! I highly recommend tuning in for additional interviews with the design world’s top talent as they discuss the challenges of creativity today. I am personally hooked!
    And if you for some reason aren't familiar with Frances Palmers beautiful art, check it out here as well as her debut book Life in the Studio!

    Frances Palmer vase with tulips

    A stunning Frances Palmer vase and arrangement. Photo: Frances Palmer






    Honored to be featured in Flower Magazine's recent article "A Guide to Floral Foam Alternatives" with images from my brand new book Flowers by Design!

    The images are from recipe in the book that uses a 100-percent biodegradable floral foam alternative made from spun fibers of basalt (a volcanic rock) and a plant-based binderform. It is available in the U.S. through New Age Floral.

    There are plenty of other great methods discussed in the article by prominent florists such as Holly Heider Chapple, Maurice Harris, and T.J. McGrath as well, which I highly recommend trying! There is really no reason to use floral foam anymore!

    One of my other most recent tests with a new product is the Oshun pouch invented by Kirsten Vandijk (also at New Age Floral) which we have used in several large scale installations already. The best part about the pouches is that they 100% natural, are light to transport, and compost quickly (currently only available in smaller packs of three but Kirsten assured me that will change soon). P.S. I highly recommend to ALWAYS test new methods before using them for a client installation as situations vary with different flowers, temperatures, hydration methods etc.

    For more foam free methods read the full article here. Thanks once again for including me in this important round-up Flower Magazine!


    floral foam alternative demo 1 with agra wool

    floral foam alternative demo 2 with agra wool

    Foam free alternatives article Flower Magazine




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