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    I was recently asked by TV4 in Sweden to come and do a guest appearance on one of their most popular and oldest shows called Äntligen Hemma. Of course I accepted their offer! So while Ashley and Jessica kept things running at the studio, I jumped on a plane to Stockholm.

    Once there I was met by two of my former apprentices, Hanna Piippo and Emelie Wallstedt, who helped me set up the studio (which Emelie kindly let me borrow for the recording).

    Next I went out in to the woods to do some foraging and scored some fern, rose hip, oak branches and some stuff I don't even know the names of for the show. In Sweden it is legal to forage (responsibly of course!) so growing up there this came very natural to me.

    Then we were sent off to a very generous wholesaler, S-blommor, who basically let us raid their entire inventory and load up three carts of amazing blooms.

    Finally it was time to start shooting the show. Little did I know that I was going to do all the talking by myself (no host asking questions, what???). I think it turned out great in the end, much thanks to the super funny and talented crew at TV4 as well as a lot of help from my friends. Here it is if you feel like seeing me arrange some foraged foliage and flowers in a vintage sugar bowl using chicken wire as a base.

    It is in Swedish of course, but you should watch it anyways, because the language of flowers is universal after all...






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