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    The wonderful Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge recently asked if she could feature a day in my life on her beautiful blog. I have been following her work for almost a decade now and always admired the designs she features so naturally I was super excited! Below are some of the photos we took, but you can also check out the entire feature with more pictures here






    Vicinity allows for spontaneity, and that is one of the many reasons why we love working with local event planners, venues, and restaurants in Brooklyn.

    So was the case the other day when I was biking back from the flower district when my client and friend, Emelie Kihlström, one of the owners at Colonie, sent me a text message to ask for a last minute addition to the flowers she had ordered for that night. She was wondering if we could include some ingredients her chef had in the kitchen in the arrangements. Sure, I said, I'll be there in one minute! And I meant one minute literally.

    Shortly after, the arrangements had the wonderful addition of some very pretty mustard flowers (they really added a special touch!) and were sent off to the event: Taste of the Nation - No Kid Hungry, a charity event  that aims to end childhood hunger in America.

    Mustard flowers, tree peonies, honeysuckle, ranunculus, roses and tulips in recycled tin for the special event.

    And if you haven't been to Colonie yet, you must go! Their food is simply amazing, the interior is beautiful, and they support the New York community by using as many local purveyors and vendors as possible.

    In addition, they have a super cool vertical garden, check it out below! Would be nice to have one of our own in the studio someday, we are working on it… more about that another time…

    Colonie's vertical garden (made out of 100% recycled material).


    Vintage milk bottles with mustard flowers, honeysuckle, ranunculus, and tulips.


    It has been a somewhat long process, perhaps because of my inability to make up my mind when it comes to what size our worktable should be. Or was it that we had six events in two weeks last month, or that there were a few other kinks in the road… hmm, probably a bit of all.

    We are not quite finished yet, but we are taking some pictures of the process and are super pleased with the outcome so far. One of my favorite parts so far is our flower cooler. We decided to cover it with cedar shingles, install a found old window, a corrugated tin roof, and made it look like a shed. Why not, right?

    Maybe some of our design decisions were based mainly on our urge to break out the nail gun, regardless we are having fun in the process…


    Adding the last shingles to the outside of the flower cooler.

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