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    We had the honor and pleasure of designing a magical wedding for actress Jeanine Mason, with the amazing Lizzie Eisenberg and Shayna Rosenfeld of Orange & Rose Events. Together we got two wonderful features, one in Bride's and the other on  Thursd

    Jeanine Mason magical wedding in New York designed by one of New York's best florists Tin Can Studios

    Here an excerpt from Bride's: "The former "Grey's Anatomy" and "So You Think You Can Dance" star and her husband, Nicholas, threw an intimate wedding that stopped traffic—literally" and the bride herself  "The front stoop where the couple exchanged vows set the mood for their reception aesthetic. “The words ‘flower explosion’ and ‘dark decadence’ were used often,” says Jeanine. “We wanted the flowers to be dancing. Our neighbors were blown away and we kept the installation up for the rest of the week. So fun to see everyone on the block enjoying it.” 

    and from Thursd.: 'Ingrid has been involved in numerous extraordinary weddings, each with its own unique story. And Tin Can Studios' signature style, continues to gain worldwide acclaim. According to her, flowers can infuse magic into any space, and they play a central role in setting the tone for a wedding day. She believes that they can tell a couple's story through the artistry put into the floral arrangements.

    “Flowers have the power to add magic to a space. At a wedding, they play a central role and set the tone for the day. I like to think that we tell stories through flowers, and at a wedding, we want the flowers to reflect the couple’s story.'

     Full article in Bride's here and Thursd. here.

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