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    What a wonderful article on Veranda! We have always loved Chrysanthemums (when used the right way + make sure to choose varieties wisely) and we have certainly seen them used in arrangements and installations much more frequently in the last few years!
    Not going to lie, the headline "Brooklyn's Coolest Florist" felt pretty nice too!
    Below are a few pictures of the arrangements featured in the Veranda article (click here to read the entire article). In addition, you will find several flower "recipes" using chrysanthemums in my new book "Flowers by Design" (Abrams Books).
    Also, the nations leading "farmer-florist", Erin Benzakein at Floret offers a lovely guide to a collection of 50 mums here. I highly recommend getting this free printable guide for some really special ones. These are not your standard mums! E.g. have you ever heard of or seen the varieties ‘Fleur de Lis’, 'Mocha', or ‘River City’? If the answer is no your eyes are in for a treat!
    veranda magazine article 'brooklyn's coolest florist' says chrysanthemums are backPhoto: Dana Gallagher
    Floral arrangement in the Pseudo Tobacco Leaf Lotus Vase for DeGournay Photo: Ingrid Carozzi / Tin Can Studios
    floret flowers 'river city' chrysanthemum
    Photo: Floret Flowers
    Floret Flowers chrysanthemums Photo: Floret Flowers

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