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    A simple Ikebana inspired recipe as well as some of my tablescape tips for you to try at home all based on recipes from my book Flowers by Design below!

    tablesetting tips with pink candles in brass candlesticks, white pumpkins, ceramic plates, and organic floral arrangements


    Tablescape Tips 

    1. Make arrangements in different sizes and thrive for varying heights. With an asymmetrical design the eye moves around the table and creates more visual interest. 

    2. Incorporate budvases between other objects such as candlesticks, fruits and vegetables in colors that match the flowers. Here we used, artichokes, figs, pears, white and variegated pumpkins and some chanterelles from the farmers market. 

    3. Add a little something on top of your napkin or plate such as a little sprig of astrantia, tweedia or a berry branch cut-offs (please note: ilex is not edible) or a beautiful fruit such as a fig. 

    4. You can also lay cut-offs from branches directly on the table such asin the upper left hand corner in the third picture above. 

    5. Use a combination of vases with different finishes and styles such as glass, brass, vintage and modern for an eclectic look. Brass and gold finishes add warmth and glass adds sparkle.

    6. I prefer stemless glasses as they don’t block the flowers! 

    7. I encourage going outside to forage a few additional branches of foliage to add in to your arrangements but be sure to not use invasive species. If you are unsure of what is invasive I recommend the Picture This app. 

     tablescape tips with ikebana inspired florals , white pumpkins, ceramic plates, and organic floral arrangements

    tablescape tips with ikebana inspired florals , ilex berry branches, figs, ceramic plates, and organic floral arrangements

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