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    Honored to be featured in Flower Magazine's recent article "A Guide to Floral Foam Alternatives" with images from my brand new book Flowers by Design!

    The images are from recipe in the book that uses a 100-percent biodegradable floral foam alternative made from spun fibers of basalt (a volcanic rock) and a plant-based binderform. It is available in the U.S. through New Age Floral.

    There are plenty of other great methods discussed in the article by prominent florists such as Holly Heider Chapple, Maurice Harris, and T.J. McGrath as well, which I highly recommend trying! There is really no reason to use floral foam anymore!

    One of my other most recent tests with a new product is the Oshun pouch invented by Kirsten Vandijk (also at New Age Floral) which we have used in several large scale installations already. The best part about the pouches is that they 100% natural, are light to transport, and compost quickly (currently only available in smaller packs of three but Kirsten assured me that will change soon). P.S. I highly recommend to ALWAYS test new methods before using them for a client installation as situations vary with different flowers, temperatures, hydration methods etc.

    For more foam free methods read the full article here. Thanks once again for including me in this important round-up Flower Magazine!


    floral foam alternative demo 1 with agra wool

    floral foam alternative demo 2 with agra wool

    Foam free alternatives article Flower Magazine





    ingrid and florists on her team doing a photoshoot for Flowers by Design at 99 scott

    We are currently looking for experienced floral designers to work and grow with us and our fabulous team on an ongoing freelance basis!

    We require at least two years floral design experience with a focus on events and/or weddings. In addition, you should have an extraordinary eye for color, texture, line and form. Experience with sustainable methods is a strong plus (= various no foam methods). You enjoy working on a team but can also work independently and are organized, professional, on time, enjoy problem solving (= design) and are never afraid to roll up your sleeves when needed.

    To be considered, email the information below to with the subject line “Freelance Florist”:
    - List of previous floral design experience: company name, how many years you have worked there, type of work you did, etc.
    - A minimum of six pictures of your work (please include bouquets, centerpieces and install work), indicating which company the work was for.

    Please note: only those who meet the qualifications and seem to be a good fit will be contacted with follow-up questions to be considered.

    For those of you who do not meet the qualifications we suggest sending in an application for our Floristry Intensive instead. We no longer offer internships.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    We're an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.




    We were so incredibly honored and delighted to design the florals for Ellie Monahan's four day wedding at Cedar Lakes Estate in July this year. We wanted to share the inside scoop via the mother-of-the-bride, none less than journalist, producer, and writer Katie Couric, who asked Ingrid all about how she and her team turned Katie and Ellie’s vision into a reality for the wedding.

    Below are just some excerpts for your reading pleasure... however, for the full interview please click here.

    In addition there is a BIG write-up here in VOGUE if you would like to dig into ALL of the details, e.g. see pictures from the 80's themed Fourth of July party on the first night, or the invitations and menus by Emily Baker Studios as well as Amanda Savory's top notch wedding planning surprises at the spectacular Cedar Lakes Estate and pictures by the amazing Brian Dorsey.

    Vibrant and colorful floral arbor with wild local flowers Photo: Brian Dorsey

    Katie: How would you describe the look we were going for?  What kind of direction did you get from Ellie?

    Ingrid: Ellie (and Katie) wanted us to create something special and festive without being fussy or overdone. They sent me videos of flowers from farm stands and farmers markets! Ellie also said she wanted her bouquet to look like she had run through a beautiful field of summer flowers and just grabbed a bunch. When a client loves flowers as much as they do, that makes everything so much easier. Katie’s mom was very artistic and did wedding flowers and it’s clear from her instagram that Katie is equally obsessed! She loves antique glass bottles and single blooms that show off the beauty of just one flower. So we worked those elements into the wedding events.


    Katie: There was a ton of color at this wedding. Is color coming back? 

    Ingrid: Definitely! Many of our clients come to us because of the way we work with color, and we’ve noticed an upswing in requests for vibrant and playful color palettes. People need some cheering up after a rough year.

    Colorful floral arbor at Cedar Lakes by Tin Can Studios for Ellie MonahanPhoto: Brian Dorsey

    Katie: How challenging was that magnificent arbor?

    Ingrid: We loved creating the arbor and aisle flowers! But the main challenge — in addition to the usual hot sun weather and wind, etc. — is that we only use sustainable methods for all of our floral installations. The most common and easiest way to create an arbor with a lot of flowers is to use floral foam, which is very harmful and toxic. Our approach isn’t the easiest, and takes longer but it’s absolutely worth it. I encourage everyone to ask their florists about their sustainability practices and make sure they don’t use floral foam or overly processed flowers!

    Katie Couric and Ingrid Carozzi of Tin Can Studios

    Katie: You really like to use local flowers. Why is that?

    Ingrid: I can spot a good local flower from a mile way! They’re always the prettiest since they haven’t been squeezed into a box and lost their shape. I have become friends with my wholesalers and farms over the years and they often put the best stuff aside for me! For Ellie and Mark, we even got a big delivery from my favorite farm Hautau & Sons, located just 30 minutes away from Cedar Lakes.

    Ingrid Carozzi holding Ellie Monahan bouquet

    colorful flowers on table at cedar lakescolorful floral arrangement by tin can studios

    Hanging foliage and vines at Cedar Lakes 

    Ellie Monahan bouquet by tin can studios at cedar lakesPhoto: Brian Dorsey

    flower girl with colorful flower crown by tin can studiosPhoto: Brian Dorsey

    colorful floral arrangement cedar lakes


    Katie Couric with her daughtersPhoto: Brian Dorsey






    Floral arrangement for Party by Numbers (Pinch Food and The Gathery) 

    I often compare flower arranging to cooking, they are so similar in many ways, and always use the words ingredients and recipes, when I talk about flower arranging (to some peoples surprise).

    As you might know, I also have a flower arranging book called Handpicked as well as a second book launching this fall where we feature flower "recipes".

    So needless to say, when our good old friends at The Gathery and Pinch Food Design reached out to ask us if we would be interested in writing recipes for a new catering concept they were working on we were beyond thrilled! The results became an ongoing project for a company called Party by Numbers that delivers something I saw described on BizBash as "the fanciest Seamless" you will could ever dream up.

    Basically, upon delivery, a beautifully designed cart, full of delicious food, cocktails, wine, ceramic plates and serving bowls, glassware, cutlery, linens, a blue tooth speaker, candles, and most importantly of all of course FLOWERS, is rolled straight into your home. From here on all you need to do is open some drawers and put the perfectly curated food, decor and beverages out with everything you need to party – even the ice! Seriously? Sign us up, right...?!

    Below are some descriptions and pictures of a few of the floral concepts we put together for this amazing, all sustainable, party concept with a 100% zero waste pledge:

    There is l'artiste with peachy blooms and reimagined foliage inspired by the vibrant play of shape and colors of Matisse’s remarkable cutouts. Then Marfa brings you boldness with blue thistle and cadmium red blooms in a vase inspired by optical and geometric illusions reminiscent of Dan Flavin’s light installations. Another one of the food and decor concepts is Sorrento with fragrant anemones, mimosa, olive and lemon branches that ignite memories of the perfect sip of limoncello. Lastly we present Marjorelle, where dusty dry arrangements of cacti and palm leaves are completed with delicate and fragrant white flowers nestled in shapely artisan-like vases.

    For the remaining concepts, and to check out this incredible party experience solution that we are proud to be a part of, please visit Party by Numbers. You can thank us for bringing this to your attention later... or simply invite us to your perfect party!


      Floral arrangement for Party by Numbers (Pinch Food and The Gathery)

    Floral arrangement for Party by Numbers (Pinch Food and The Gathery)



    Floral arrangement for Party by Numbers (Pinch Food and The Gathery)

    Floral arrangement for Party by Numbers (Pinch Food and The Gathery)

    Floral arrangement for Party by Numbers (Pinch Food and The Gathery)

    Floral arrangement for Party by Numbers (Pinch Food and The Gathery)


    When the event industry came to a complete halt in New York we were forced to find other ways to stay afloat. We have all been hearing expressions such as “blessings in disguise”, "silver linings" and of course the word "pivot" quite a bit lately (don't think I had ever used that word before…) and to us the Bloom Boxes have certainly been one of those.

    We had been wanting to offer flower subscriptions for quite a while, but never had time to dive in, with up to 5-6 events and/or installations per week when we were as busiest, so being forced into this new endeavor was actually pretty great after all.

    Sending boxes of flowers to peoples homes, as well as to clients such as @google and @youtube for virtual events has been genuinely rewarding. The best part has been seeing everyone's unique take on flower arranging after using our recipes and/or watching our videos.

    Thanks to all of you for participating and for sending us your pictures! Thanks also to The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times for reaching out to us to request information for your lovely write-ups!

    cornflower from our flower box kit

    peony diy flower arranging kit

    flexed tulip diy flower video

    purple astrantia from tin can studios bloom box

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