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    What a lovely chat I had with Michael Boodro and ceramicist Frances Palmer on The Chairish Podcast last week!
    Here the description for this fun episode named "What's Blooming in the World of Floral Design":
    "Flowers and foliage are a classic way to enhance any room, the finishing touch every designer relies on. But flowers are just as susceptible to fashion and trends as any other element of décor. Just in time for Spring, sought-after florist Ingrid Carozzi, founder of Tin Can Studios, and Frances Palmer, renowned ceramicist, gardener, and Instagram star, talk about their passion for flowers; what’s trending in floral arrangements; the essential tools, vases, and vessels everyone should own; how sustainable practices are changing the floral industry; and why ikebana is becoming such a potent inspiration."

    Minimalist Ikebana inspired arrangement from my book "Flowers by Design" Photo: Dane Tashima
    The Chairish Podcast looks behind the glamour of the interior design industry at a time when all aspects of the business, from sourcing to marketing to client communication to underlying business models are undergoing rapid disruption. Drawing on experience and insights from today’s top practitioners, including leading designers, architects and manufacturers, this podcast is an essential tool for interior design professionals. 
    Hosted by beloved design industry insider Michael Boodro, previously Editor-in-Chief at Martha Stewart Living and then Elle Decor, all of the conversations on his show are insightful and interesting! I highly recommend tuning in for additional interviews with the design world’s top talent as they discuss the challenges of creativity today. I am personally hooked!
    And if you for some reason aren't familiar with Frances Palmers beautiful art, check it out here as well as her debut book Life in the Studio!

    Frances Palmer vase with tulips

    A stunning Frances Palmer vase and arrangement. Photo: Frances Palmer





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