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    Honored to be featured in Flower Magazine's recent article "A Guide to Floral Foam Alternatives" with images from my brand new book Flowers by Design!

    The images are from recipe in the book that uses a 100-percent biodegradable floral foam alternative made from spun fibers of basalt (a volcanic rock) and a plant-based binderform. It is available in the U.S. through New Age Floral.

    There are plenty of other great methods discussed in the article by prominent florists such as Holly Heider Chapple, Maurice Harris, and T.J. McGrath as well, which I highly recommend trying! There is really no reason to use floral foam anymore!

    One of my other most recent tests with a new product is the Oshun pouch invented by Kirsten Vandijk (also at New Age Floral) which we have used in several large scale installations already. The best part about the pouches is that they 100% natural, are light to transport, and compost quickly (currently only available in smaller packs of three but Kirsten assured me that will change soon). P.S. I highly recommend to ALWAYS test new methods before using them for a client installation as situations vary with different flowers, temperatures, hydration methods etc.

    For more foam free methods read the full article here. Thanks once again for including me in this important round-up Flower Magazine!


    floral foam alternative demo 1 with agra wool

    floral foam alternative demo 2 with agra wool

    Foam free alternatives article Flower Magazine




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