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    I'm so excited that it almost feels like my heart might almost stop at times. On March 14 my new book Handpicked, Seasonal Flowers, (Abrams Books) launches in the U.S! The book is full of inspiration, ideas and recipes for arrangements that flower lovers of all levels can do at home. It’s our signature style, just a little easier to put together and with fewer ingredients.

 If you pre-order now, you will receive a pretty canvas bag with an image of my favorite flowers (from the book). Here is the link!



    Thank you, thank you, thank you for featuring us at the top of your list of the 16 Best Floral Designers on Instagram. What a huge honor to be mentioned amongst some of our faves such as Putnam Flowers, Saipua, Amy Merrick, Tulipina Floral Design to name a few…




    We were so extremely proud to be featured on once again last week. In the article, I talked about sourcing and using vintage pieces for your wedding flowers as a way to create a timeless and longer lasting impression. I also talked about upcycling and reusing, two areas my clients can attest I am very passionate about. To read more please visit We hope to inspire you!

    Below also some pictures that you will not find on Vogue, that worked as inspiration for some of the arrangements and settings we created, such as vintage french lingerie ads and graphics, my flea market finds, as well as vintage China, stemware and silverware from the marvelous rental company Borrowed

    Dress: Gabriella Bridal New York. Thanks also to the lovely Ashley Peraino for organizing and styling the shoot.

    Bottom image courtesy of Borrowed.



    I am so very proud to announce the launch of my new book “Brooklyn Flowers”. It is an instructional book containing simpler flower arrangements made with the two main methods used here at Tin Can Studios: chicken wire and tape grid. The arrangements in the book are a simpler version of our typical style so that everyone can feel comfortable using the flower “recipes”.

    There are also lots of images from my studio as well as street images from the Brooklyn neighborhoods around us such as Red Hook and Williamsburg. The beautiful photographs were all shot by critically acclaimed photographer Paul Brissman with a Hasselblad (my favorite camera!).

    It will first be out in Sweden at Adlibris, Akademibokhandel, Bokus, NK, Åhlens, to name a few. We hope you get to take a look at a copy because we think you will really like it!! My co-author was the mega talented Eva Nyqvist who writes for a wide variety of publications such as Elle Decor and Gourmet. We got so many new ideas during the process that we are already talking about book two and three...





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