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    The lovely Kelly and Jesse of Team Flower, recently reached out to me for an interview about sustainability and flowering and we had wonderful chat!
    In this podcast, I share some of my secrets, such as tricks on how to hydrate floral installs without floral foam, what non-toxic paints work best for floral design (which took me years of trial and error to figure out BTW!) and many other things. I hope you will learn something new from listening! When it comes to sustainability, I definitely believe in sharing what I have learned for the greater good.
    In addition to their podcasts Kelly and Jesse offer video tutorials, online classes and events and put in a lot of work towards educating, connecting, and empowering floral professionals worldwide so please check them out here!
    Ingrid Carozzi leading a floral class workshop in LA
    Picture of poppy and anemones in pale pinks

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