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    I have loved flowers beyond what is probably considered “normal” and have enjoyed giving them to people my entire life. Out of necessity, they also became a way to pay my bills as a single mom having to live in NYC.
    Not being able to work for weeks was difficult and has felt hard to talk about, especially considering the devastating consequences this pandemic will have on the entire world.

    After being silent for a while and afraid to post anything related to our specific business = flowers, as they are considered by many a luxury, I was finally reminded by friends and clients why so many of us are drawn to flowers in the first place.

    Flowers bring joy and give hope, something we all desperately need right now. And as it seems, we need something real, something organic, something that brings life to our spaces, as a way to cheer ourselves up.
    It has been heartbreaking to talk to other small business owners and friends that have been forced to lay off people against their will. The truth is that we all need to pay our bills and are doing everything we can to keep staff on payroll.
    After the initial paralysis settled, we finally decided to do what we do best: bring flowers to people! The last couple of weeks I have been donating arrangements to frontline workers (nominated by followers on Instagram. Below we present a couple of the wonderful people who received flowers:
    Grace, a nurse at Memorial Sloane Kettering working hard on the frontlines, taking care of patients, reusing PPE, all while staying super-positive. (nominated by Hilary)

    Jaclyn, an emergency room nurse working in Harlem and helping those most in need. (nominated by Arial)

    Both heroes as far as we are all concerned and we will continue to donate flowers. Please send us an email to to nominate someone you believe deserves to be cheered up with some blooms!

    In addition, we will be donating 25% of all proceeds from our curated flower box service "Blooms Boxes" to NYC Common Pantry. Bloom Boxes are full of beautiful blooms and shipped straight to your door. With this purchase we will also send you helpful tips and step-by-step tutorials. To purchase a box of flowers in time for Mother's Day or Memorial Day click here.

    Below a few pics of the flowers from a "non-essential worker" to two amazing essential workers! xo Ingrid

    All deliveries done strictly in line with guidance issued by New York State on 04/10/2020.

    Floral arrangement in Matagalan Plantae vase by Tin Can Studios
    blooms donated to frontline essentail workers
    blooms donated to frontline essentail workers
    blooms donated to frontline essentail workers

    donated flowers to frontline essentail workers
    Flowers donated to frontline workers in peach, coral and orange tones

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