To order flowers call



    Studio manager: responsibilities will include organizing calendar, assistance with price quotes, set up meetings, staffing, keep the entire studio organized and presentable, purchase materials, order flowers, assist in making floral arrangements (mainly for events) + more.
    Please send your resumé and pictures of your work to if your skills fit the description above.


    Florists: freelance florists with experience in creating styles similar to Tin Can Studios aesthetic to work on upcoming events.
    Please forward pictures of your work together with an email listing previous experience to


    Interns: basic knowledge in floral design.
    Please forward an introductory email explaining why you would like to work at Tin Can Studios + any images you might have of your work to


    Additional info: We build and customize many of our vases/containers and other types of decor, so if you possess other hand skills (are not afraid to paint, sew, use a nail gun, a chop saw, etc) that would be a great plus. We also take a lot of photos of our work so if you are a good photographer that is a huge bonus as well. Basically, we would love to work with someone who can multi-task, is interested in learning new things, and who enjoys rolling up his/her sleeves when necessary.


    Also, please note that our studio is in Red Hook, Brooklyn.


    Feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be interested!


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