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Q: Can I request special flowers or colors?

A: There are no special flower requests or colors unless ordering 10 or more Bloom Boxes per order. Please email us for package details!

Q: Can I send this as a gift?

A: Yes! If a gift, please include the recipient's email address in the “Special Requests” section on the checkout page to ensure that they receive the Bloom Box electronic PDF. As a signature is required, please ensure they will be available to receive the FedEx delivery! As these are shipped directly from our wholesalers, notes can not be included at this time.

Q: How will orders be shipped?

A: Orders will be shipped via FedEx Priority shipping - signature is required. There is a 2 day delivery window.

Q: I need to change my delivery address!

A: No problem! We can change any shipping address anytime before the cut off date and time, which is 1 week before the first delivery date. Once shipped, you will need to reach out to FedEx directly to change any delivery addresses. 

Q: Why is there a 2 day delivery window?

A: Our Bloom Boxes are shipped directly from our wholesalers, Priority Shipping, and some orders will be delivered the 2nd day. Our growers are confident that the flowers will be perfectly fine if they are delivered to you on the 2nd day! 

Q: Will my flowers be fine even if they arrive on the second day?

A: Yes! Our wholesalers are confident the flowers will be fine and that is why we have a two day window.

Q: Help! I received my flowers and they look wilted! 

A: Please refer to all the flower care and tips that are included in the electronic pdf that was emailed to you. Flowers will need to hydrate for a day! This is very common/normal with flowers that have not been pre-hydrated! If your flowers do not perk up within 24 hours of receiving, please reach out to us ( as we usually are able to guide you through the process and get your flowers into the right condition. Please make sure to take a picture of the entire bunch of flowers so that we can discuss with our wholesaler any quality issues!

After hydrating, account for approximately 3-5 stems to not make the journey to your home. We have factored this in as flowers are an organic, living material (this is a standard allowance florists use when purchasing flowers). You will still have enough stems to make approximately three medium sized arrangements!

Q: Why are some flowers different from the original pictures?

A: We take pride in our flowers and sometimes have to make last minute flower substitutions to ensure that you receive the best quality flowers in your Bloom Box! 

Q: Do you sell any florist tools?

A: Yes! We sell a Bloom Box Kit that includes chicken wire, flower frog, & floral tape. Click here to purchase!

Q: I love my Bloom Box! Do you offer a subscription service?

A: We have gotten this question a lot and are working on a monthly flower subscription! Stay tuned!

Q: Do you offer private Bloom Box classes? 

A: Yes! We create Bloom Box classes for bridal showers, birthday parties, and companies & their team, which is a fun activity for everyone to do remotely! There must be a minimum of 10 Bloom Boxes in order to participate in this activation. Please email us to discuss more in detail our packages -

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